Colorado Texting Laws

Colorado Distracted Driving Laws

  1. Ban on all cell phone use (handheld and hands-free) for novice drivers (Primary Law).
  2. Ban on texting for all drivers (Primary Law).

Colorado’s Texting While Driving Stand

In Colorado, there is only a single piece of distracted driving legislature right now. A returning bill, which seeks to update the state prohibition against video screens being visible to anyone operating a motor vehicle.

Current Prohibitions:

Text messaging is prohibited for any and all drivers in the state of Colorado. Any driver under the age of eighteen, while operating a motor vehicle, is prohibited from using cell phones, as well as, text messaging. Colorado state law prohibits any and all drivers with any type of instructional permit from using a mobile communication device, which includes cell phones and text messaging units. This law also includes persons of all ages who are holding instructional permits.

Distracted driving legislation 2009:

HB 1094: Would require any person operating a motor vehicle to use hands-free devices only. In addition, it would prohibit any and all drivers under the age of eighteen years old, from using any communicative devices. Regardless of whether it is handheld or hands-free. It would also, ban all cell phone use by school bus drivers and any motor vehicle carriers, regulated by the public utility commission.

On May fourth, 2009, the Senate removed the cell phone restrictions for all drivers and returned the bill to the House. The amended text messaging legislation was then signed by Gov. Bill Ritter on June first. The law took effect on December first.

Distracted driving legislation 2010:

No bills approached the Senate in 2010 relating to a vehicle operator’s use of handheld cell phones, text messaging or personal digital assistants.

Distracted driving legislation 2011:

SB 14 seeked to get rid of the current ban on video devices that are not located behind the drivers seat. SB 14 also sought to allow the use of screens that are not visible to the vehicle operator while the vehicle is in motion.

Distracted driving legislation 2012:

SB 12 seeks to get rid of the current ban on all video devices that are not located behind the driver’s seat, just like the proposed legislation in 2011. SB 12, seeks to allow screen use that isn’t visible to the operator of the vehicle while it’s in motion. It specifies, that screens must not at any time be allowed to display entertainment visually to the vehicle operator.