Depression Associated With the Fear of Driving

Fear of driving can invoke many other problematic issues in your life.  One of the most common problems faced is the depression that is associated with the fear of driving.

Depression Driving

Depression can affect your life in many negative ways and added to this already crippling fear, can truly take over your life.

Fearing anything that has a profound effect on your life can lead to depression, but what causes of depression can be linked to your fear of driving?

  • Low self confidence
  • Discouragement
  • Fear itself
  • Fear of panic attacks

Low self confidence can stem from your fear of driving.

You may tell yourself that since you are so fearful of something that everyone else does with apparent ease, that you are worthless or hopeless.

This not only gives you low self-confidence but low self-esteem as well. This is a major cause of depression.

Trying and failing in your efforts to become a more fearless driver can cause great discouragement.

Feeling discouraged can also make you feel worthless and helpless as well. The more discouraged you feel the more you can suffer from depressive feelings.

The fear of driving itself can lead to depressive feelings as you want to be able to drive with ease but just cannot seem to overcome your fears.

If you have panic attacks due to your driving fear that can also be a source of major depression.

All of the above wreaks havoc on your system and are all connected to the makings of a person who suffers from depression due to your fear of driving.

There is Help for Your Anxiety Induced Depression!

As with any condition that causes depression, there is help for you if you suffer from depression due to your driving anxiety.

Seeking counseling can be a step in the right direction. Counseling:

✔ Allows you to discuss your feelings in a safe environment

✔ Allows you to vent your frustrations to someone who will show no judgment

✔ Can not only help with your depression, but can also help you to address you fear of driving which can help you overcome your depression that much quicker

Taking with a mental health professional can help to ease your depressive feelings and show you how to deal with them in a productive manner.

A professional will listen to you with no judgment and allow you to express your feelings in such a way that you will not feel ashamed.

Once you address your feelings of depression with your counselor, you can also begin to explore the root of your fear of driving which would be the best thing for you to begin healing.

Another way to fight your depression is by learning productive self-talk. This is where you have internal dialogue with yourself, building up your self-esteem from the inside out.

This can include the repetition of certain mantras like “I am a worthy person. I can drive without fear. This will not consume me.”

When Counseling is Not Enough

If talking with a mental health professional is not enough to help you deal with your driving anxiety induced depression, you many need to speak with your medical provider.

If all else fails, there are medications available to help you cope with your depression AND your fear.

However, this should not be the only course of action you take as medications simply mask your symptoms without uncovering the root of the problems.

In order to get over fear and depression it is vital that you address the illness, not just the symptoms.


Depression can be a crippling condition but you need not suffer though it, helpless and alone; Talk about it. By admitting to the problem you are taking the first step in finding help.

Another good step to take is to invest in a self help program so you can work through your depression and anxiety in your own time, on your own terms.

A solid program, such as The Original Fear of Driving Program, can be a saving grace for people suffering from depression due to driving anxiety.

Take this first step and regain your life, your freedom, and you self-worth!