Driving Fear Program Review

Eileen McNulty avoided driving for 42 years.

But because of The Driving Fear Program, she eliminated her phobia and decided to renew her driver’s license.

The author of this program, Rich Presta, is a world leader in anxiety and phobia research.

He himself struggled for years with a racing heart, profuse sweating, blurry vision and a desire to escape while behind the wheel.

He understands your humiliation and fear. Presta has created The Driving Fear Program after reading countless scientific studies and undergoing innumerable personal treatment exercises.

He has extracted the most effective techniques from his clinical and psychological research to create this program that will guide you on your road to recovery.


Driving Fear Program Review

Many resources deal with anxiety, phobias and panic as general topics.

However, The Driving Fear Program is the most specialized resource that specifically deals with the fear of driving.

It is used by thousands of mental health professionals across the globe.

Presta writes in a clear, comprehensible style. He explains techniques step-by-step and provides personal stories that will help you relate to your own condition.

His tone is encouraging as he immediately points out that your anxiety is not your fault.

In fact, it has to do with your brain being “tricked” into thinking that driving poses a threat.

Presta also advises you to be proud of yourself for each day’s accomplishments while participating in the program.

It is impossible to eliminate your phobia in one day or to be perfect.

Throughout the program, there are tips to deal with days when you are feeling hopeless and ineffective.

Presta encourages you to take baby steps and his genuine guidance and care leap off the page.

The approach to this program is for you to interactively understand and then eliminate your fear of driving through completing a series of exercises.

The Driving Fear Program Manual

This manual will first guide you through an exercise to specifically understand what you fear when you are behind the wheel.

It will ask you to think about if it is a fear of being trapped, of hitting someone, of getting in a fatal accident or some other peril.

You will start to understand your particular symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

The Driving Fear Program teaches you an exposure technique to allow these symptoms and attacks to manifest themselves, so you can retrain your brain to realize there is actually nothing to be afraid of.

You will also learn breathing techniques and exercises to relax your body which will reduce your mind’s anxiety levels.

Life strategies like time management, developing goal statements and the seven principles for eliminating anxiety are a part of the curriculum.

Finally, Presta provides you with gradual driving steps, starting from sitting in your parked car, to driving ten miles on the highway and going over a major bridge.

Additional Resources

The Driving Fear Program also comes with an Anxiety Helix Report which helps you deeply understand your own anxiety more.

The S.A.F.E. Series are audio tools that help you relax your mind on a subliminal level.

You’ll also get interviews from mental health professionals, providing supplementary advice, and four bonus e-books ( Change Your Mind, Change Your Life; The Law of Attraction and Your Fear of Driving; Meditation for Driving Anxiety; and, Stress Less Living).

Hear from the Experts

Read a Driving Fear Program review from several mental health experts.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Angela Butkevic, says, “The Driving Fear Program is the BEST resource I’ve found, anywhere.”

The founder of StopStressingNow.com, Steven Diamond, says, “The program is spot on, easy to understand, and probably most important, people can actually USE IT to make their lives better”.

And, Anxiety Management Coach Karen Field says, “It provides a step by step, practical method which anyone can use.”

Start the road to recovery, literally and mentally, by participating in The Driving Fear Program.