Driving Safety

Learning about the ins and outs of driving safety will get you one step closer to overcoming your fear of driving. In this section, we go over the safety aspects of a car as well as safe driving techniques. Many of the pages may seem elementary, but for someone that is afraid to drive, they are full of great reminders.

There are many factors that influence statistics of risk accidents: speed, bad weather, equipment failure, poor roadway maintenance, driver behavior or just the ignorance of traffic rules. But the principal reason to create traffic laws along driving safety is reducing all risks to prevent people die in road accidents. Keep in mind these tips when you driving a car and always have an account that not everyone drives well.

Actually numbers show that 115 people die in motor vehicle crashes every day. It means that every 12 minutes one person killed. In fact, vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among Americans from 4 to 33 years old.

But you can avoid reducing this tragic toll by following these recommendations:

  • When you are driving there will be a lot of things to think: following directions, signals, road conditions, your speed, checking your mirrors, being aware of the cars around you among other things. The key is all drivers remind themselves to stay focused.
  • Wearing safety belts, you will prevent that the occupant can be ejected from a vehicle.
  • Avoiding drinking if you are going to drive
  • Alcohol always is a mortal factor in driving safety, avoid drink and don’t pass the limit. You can save your life if you are with the five senses.
  • Following traffic safety rules
  • Maintaining your vehicle in good mechanical conditions
  • Driving defensively and looking out other drivers.
  • Being alert you’ll be able to react quickly to potential problems. Rest up before your road trip and never driving while tired.

More about Driving Safety

  • Driving Lessons. Learn the driving techniques and skills needed to handle a car on the road.
  • Distracted Driving. Don´t be distracted when driving and prevent the risk of having an accident.
  • Aggressive Driving. It is a serious problem caused by the irritability of drivers on crowded roads.
  • Weather Conditions. Learn to minimize accidents caused when weather conditions turn unfavorable.
  • Passengers Safety. Drivers have the responsibility for the safety of their passengers.
  • Pedestrians Safety. Consider some rules for pedestrians and drivers to avoid car accidents.
  • New Drivers. It is primordial that new drivers learn to avoid the risks of car accidents.
  • Older Drivers. Older people (drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists) are exposed to different risks.