Getting To The Root Of Your Driving Anxiety

Thousands of people across the globe suffer from some type of driving fear/phobia/anxiety or another. No one is immune to such psychological effects as these.

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Overcoming the anxieties that affect your ability to drive comfortably is very important in this fast paced world and finding the root to your anxieties is the first step in becoming free of them.

This article will explore how to find the root of the problem and where to go from there to achieve your independence.


The Many Roots Of Driving Fear

There are many reasons that people experience fear and anxiety when it comes to driving.

Past accidents/fear of accidents
Fear of traffic and other cars on the road
General Anxiety Disorder issues
‣ Fear of learning how to drive
Fear of getting lost (many times due to having that experience before)

These are just a sampling of the reasons we feel driving anxiety. You can take your own reasons and apply the things in this article to them yourself for the same results.

In The Beginning

Many times, if you just explore your past, you can pinpoint the reason for your fear/anxiety. If you have been in, seen, or had a family member involved in a car accident them that root is clear.

If you are fearful of learning how to drive then maybe you have a parent who never learned or maybe you have GAD and fear any situation that puts you at risk for feeling stress.

No matter what your fear is, looking back to find the beginning of it can be a significant changing point in your life as it will allow you to move forward with the knowledge of why you feel how you do.

This is the beginning of personal empowerment.

Getting Started

To find the root of your driving fears, begin by thinking back on your first experience with this fear. What were you doing? Who was driving? How old were you?

These are important factors in figuring out why you are fearful of driving. Once you can figure this out, you can map out a plan of action to overcome this fear.

You Found It; Now What?

Now that you have found the root of your driving fear you can address it on a rational level.

Let us say for example, your fear of driving stemmed from being yelled at by your parent while being taught how to drive. This has made you feel incompetent behind the wheel.

You have been driving around all this time feeling incapable of doing it well while all the time it was because of someone else’s teaching methods. From there you can find the right technique for you to overcome this fear.

For a case like this, basic reframing and positive self talk would be beneficial.

What If I Cannot Find The Root?

Sometimes no matter how hard we search for the root of our driving fear we cannot find one. This can be frustrating for those who are fearful, as they want to be able to understand why they are fearful.

If you cannot find it right away, keep looking. Talk to others from your past such as parents, siblings or other family members and friends from your past.

Someone may remember something they find insignificant that can really open some doors for your memory.


If all else fails you may want to try hypnosis. By allowing a professional to perform hypnosis on you, you may be able to find the cause buried in your unconscious mind.

This does not work for everyone but is certainly worth a try if nothing else has worked for you.

There Is Help

Whether or not you have been able to find the root of your driving fear you can still begin treatment. One great way of overcoming your driving fears is by using self help programs.

A good program can even help you to uncover the root of your fear when nothing else has worked.

A great program for this is The Original Driving Fear Program. Give self-help a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.