How To Cure Driving Anxiety

You can’t. You can never get rid of anxiety. But you need not!

Anxiety is something that you require for driving and living for that matter. Your body needs it for its protection.


But before you turn away from this article you’ll be glad to know that anxiety CAN be reduced to its original level which is low enough not to overwhelm you.

Anxiety is a security feature built into our system. When our body senses potential danger it flashes a road sign in the form of anxiety that indicates that there’s danger ahead.

We only need to read it and our body prepares itself to tackle or negotiate the possible danger.

The body prepares itself by taking one or more of the following measures: heightened resolve, increase in adrenalin level, increase in glucose level, increase in heart rate, faster breathing, increase in blood pressure, stiffening of muscles for impending action, more blood supply to the limbs, dilation of pupils for wider view, and sweating to help cool the body.

The intensity of these physical symptoms varies from mild or moderate to high according to the specific situation.

Thus you can see how important anxiety is for survival. It is a healthy thing because it’s a sign of growth and life. If you feel anxiety it means you are ready to take on change.

So where does it go wrong?

When and why does anxiety turn into a panic/anxiety attack? It is the mind that makes unnecessary fuss of physical symptoms.

It multiplies the anxiety several times and turns it into a bully that hounds you and scares the wits out of you.

How to defeat the bully? Just ignore him

Anxiety is basically a road sign that shows you potential danger ahead. So you must look ahead and ready yourself to drive better.

But if you keep looking at the anxiety, your thoughts make it so big that it starts acting like a bully. Deal with it just like you would deal with a playground bully as a child. Simply ignore it.

Bullies go away if you ignore them. They thrive on attention. Your anxiety bully will try to scare you and pester you, but it is all hollow inside.

It has no strength other than your own imagination. Keep ignoring it no matter how hard it tries to stomp its authority. In a matter of minutes, it will be gone.