Idaho Texting Laws

Idaho Distracted Driving Laws

  1. Ban on texting for all drivers, effective 7/1/12 (Primary Law).
  2. Idaho has a “Distraction in/on Vehicle (List)” attribute as part of its Contributing Circumstances element, and officers are supposed to list the distractions in the narrative.

Idaho’s Texting While Driving Stand

On February 21, 2012, Idaho’s Senate has consented to ban texting while driving. The bill was passed to the House clearing the transportation committee. Differences in viewpoints and political disputes have plagued the driving legislation office until now. The ban of texting and phone use while driving was in effect from December 29, 2011. A $10 fine is applied for secondary enforcement.

Present bans:
There are none; although an “inattentive driving” law is being applied. This is rarely put into use for texting or for mobile phone use.

2009 Dead Legislation

SB 1031: This bans the use of mobile phones while in a motor vehicle.

Senate Bill 1030: This prohibits the use of mobile phones, except when there is a hands-free accessory involved.

2010 legislation

SB 1264: This makes the users of mobile phones on the roads and highways of Idaho lawbreakers. The use of hands-free devices like BlueTooth headphones are accepted. There is a fine of $75 if disobeyed.

House Bill 729: This bans all drivers in Idaho from text messaging. A fine of $40 plus the cost of the court is applied for the first offense. $100 plus cost and points deducted from the license are applied for the subsequent offenses. On the last night of the legislative session, the House agreed with the amendments of the Senate. The objection to routine rules by an opponent prevented the final vote. Due to time constraints, the texting measure was not enacted successfully.

SB 1259: The use of mobile phones and texting in areas near a school zone is prohibited by this law. A fine of $75 is applied for first offenders and $150 for the subsequent ones.

Senate bill 1352: This bill seeks to prohibit text messaging which causes “inattentive driving”. Lawbreakers will receive a fine of $300 or 90 days of imprisonment. On March 10, this bill was approved and delivered to the House. Here, it was bypassed on March 26 in favor of HB729.

2011 Dead Legislation

Senate bill 1024: This bans the use of the phone while driving in Idaho. It includes a fine of $75 dollars.

House Bill 141: The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited if the person becomes distracted or if they act without due care; although hands-free usage is allowed. A $75 fine is payable for the offense. Payments of $300 and 90 days in jail are some of the consequences when causing property damage and injury. This bill was not accepted with a vote of 21-48.

SB 1025: This states that all drivers are not allowed to participate in text messaging. The use of the hands-free mode is okay. There is a fine of $50 for first offenders and $100 onwards. 90 days imprisonment and a fine of $300 are required for violators.

2012 Legislation

Senate Bill 1251: Outlaws driver’s use of mobile phones. The hands-free mode is accepted. This notes that mobile phones cannot be seized and be used as proof by policemen in this situation. A fine of $74 is applied. On Feb 21, the Senates’ vote to pass this law was 29-6. Up-to-date legislative activity: House of Transportation Committee has approved it on Feb 28.

SB 1252: This enables drivers of Idaho to be banned of texting; although if on hands-free, use is okay. A $75 fine is applied for first offenders, and $100 on the next. $300 will be charged as a fine for a misdemeanor in causing injury and property damage to others.

2012 Distracted Driving News

Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, Sen. Jim Hammond, plans to proclaim the introduction of text messaging banning in the legislation if no one brings it up. He expects that the 2012 legislative session would give rise to this prohibition.