Mantra To Get Rid Of Driving Fear

Let your fears in. Let them happen. Let go of your protective shield and see what’s on the other side of fear. There’s always freedom on the other side; not more of fear. When you live with some sort of fear, you feel anxious that your fear will develop into something you won’t be able to bear.

Yogi - Beach

You fiercely protect yourself from any exposure to the fear and subdue all feelings associated with the fear. You run away from the slightest hint of fear and hide in “comfort zones”.

You feel some relief having avoided the situation you fear and gradually this behavior turns into a hardened habit. The fear turns into a phobia.

The more you avoid fear, the bigger the phobia gets. You become a slave and phobia the master.

How long do you want to run away from your fear? How long do you wish to remain a slave of your own habits?

If you have a little bit of courage, there is an easy way out. Open yourself up to the fear and say this mantra: “Here I am. Come get me.” Let it come to you. Let go of your protective shield.

Stop subduing your feelings. Let your worst fear happen.

Nothing that you feared will happen. Instead, a burden will lift from your head. As soon as you stop avoiding your fear and allow yourself to face it, you’ll be free from your phobia. That very instant.

If you have a fear of driving and have been avoiding it tooth and nail, now is your chance to break free from driving phobia. Just get into your car and start driving.

Say to yourself, “Here I am. Come get me.” You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see nothing of that sort happen. Instead you’ll get a new life.

For this to work out, you need to be willing to see what’s on the other side of fear. You need to have a bit of courage and hope.

Once you make up your mind to let go of your avoidance and experience whatever that is going to happen, you will snap out of the trance, i.e. phobia.

You’ll be free from it even before you set off on your drive.

Don’t worry about how long you have been avoiding your fears. The longer you’ve been avoiding them, the happier you shall feel when you finally break free from the phobia.