Occupational Safety and Health Administration

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an agency that serves as a part of the Department of Labor. The agency was created under the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act in 1970 as a source to help ensure safe and healthy working conditions through standards, training, education, and assistance.

More recently, OSHA has become an agency that’s developed numerous programs and training resources related to workplace safety. The reach of the organization has stretched to include all types of working conditions, which means traffic safety remains a big issue for the OHSA. Being one of the major problems in road safety today, distracted driving is a major subject for the OHSA.

Distracted Driving

The OHSA has taken a strong stance against distracted driving in the last few years, primarily because of the role that transportation plays in many work environments. In 2011, the Assistant Secretary of the OHSA spoke out on distracted driving, highlighting it as an epidemic in the United States and calling on employers to put an end to distractions on the road. The OHSA was joined in this sentiment by other agencies such as the Department of Labor and the Department of Transportation.

Along with other government agencies, the OHSA has been working for many years with a number of industry leaders, as well as the public to put a spotlight on the dangers of texting while driving, as well as other distractions and hazards. The agency has made a commitment to investigate any and all cases wherein texting or talking on the phone behind a wheel is encouraged by an employer. In these cases, the agency can take steps to enforce safer actions for employees who are behind the wheel of an automobile.

Drive Safely Work Week

Just like the many awareness campaigns aimed at minimizing distracted driving cases, the OSHA hosts a Drive Safely Work Week every year. Usually taking place during the fall, the OHSA uses this week to promote safety from, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The week is host to multiple rallies throughout the country, as well as annual statistics which serve to outline the dangers that distracted driving can present from a working point of view.